Topic 1 : Corrosion and Biocorrosion ​                 Topic 2 : Coating Protection

Topic 3 : Corrosion Inhibitors ​                Topic 4 : Biomaterials

Plenary conferences​

Dr. Pierangela Cristiani
Learning from more than a century of research on microbial corrosion​
Topic 1

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Salam​
Nanotechnology for corrosion protection, energy, electrochemical application​
Topic 2

Dr. Moses M. Solomon ​
African scientists in corrosion research:​ The path to chart ​ 
Topic 1

Dr. Yacine Benguerba​
Computational methods for molecular modeling ​in electrochemistry​
Topic 2 

Dr. Hubert Perrot​
Material sustainability and EQCM exploration. A pertinent coupling​
Topic 2

Dr. Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola​ 
Laser additive munufacturing for innovative engineered materials​
Topic 2

Dr. Saviour A. Umoren​
Issues with corrosion inhibitors research from ​plant extracts and challenges for industrial applications
Topic 3

Dr. Hüsnü Gerengi​
Recent developments in biodegradable implant technologies and the usage of the hydrogen evolution method for the estimation of the corrosion rate of magnesium alloys​ 
Topic 4